microsoftmesh.eth 12Ξ

casino888.eth 8.88Ξ

banyantree.eth 5Ξ

cashconverters.eth 5Ξ

networksolutions.eth 3Ξ

cycloneprotocol.eth 3Ξ

raretoken.eth 1Ξ

tusker.eth 1Ξ

🦄swap.eth 1Ξ

volodymyrzelenskiy.eth 1Ξ
(volodymyrzelensky sold for 29Ξ)
This is one of the 3 accepted forms of writing his name
(the one favored by, for example, Reuters and The Guardian)

alexanderlukashenko.eth.eth 1Ξ

amanbhutani.eth 1Ξ
GoDaddy's CEO

richardkirkendall.eth.eth 1Ξ
Namecheap's CEO

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