ensmarketplace.eth 2Ξ
PRICE INCLUDES: ensmarketplace.io AND ensmarket.io

ensbay.eth 2Ξ

ensregistry.eth 1Ξ

ensregistrar.eth 1Ξ

danarlow.eth 3Ξ
Pre-punk and Sub-150
(Domain #121 ever minted)

incite1.eth 3Ξ
Pre-punk and Sub-150.
(Domain #147 ever minted)

reliancesteel.eth 3Ξ
Pre-punk and milestone-number mint
Domain #1000 ever minted

brandables.eth 1Ξ

web3sites.eth 0.5Ξ

ensgrail.eth 0.5Ξ

ensdegens.eth 99,999,999,999,999Ξ

If you are interested you can email me at contact@scarce.guide or DM me on Twitter.
Individual domains are all for sale on OpenSea.