thecapitol.eth 5Ξ
(thewhitehouse.eth sold for 27Ξ)

psst.eth 2Ξ

the-hyphen.eth 1Ξ

weareearly.eth 2Ξ

veryeasy.eth 0.5Ξ

methinks.eth 0.5Ξ

ifeelyou.eth 0.5Ξ

melikey.eth 0.5Ξ

iamsorry.eth 0.5Ξ
One day sending this domain to someone's wallet will mean a lot.
Receiver can resell it and forgive you or just resell it.

uʍopǝpısdn.eth 1Ξ
ENS allows upsidedown writing.
This is probably the most iconic upsidedown domain

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