📞📞📞.eth 3Ξ

🚚🚚🚚.eth 3Ξ

👔👔👔.eth 1Ξ

𓂀𓂀𓂀.eth 10Ξ
The 'Eye of Horus'
The most grail of the Egyptian hyeroglyph emojis

𓄀𓄀𓄀.eth 3Ξ
The bullisher of the 6 Egyptian hyeroglyph bull emojis

𓃸𓃸𓃸.eth 2Ξ

big𓂸.eth 2Ξ

massive𓂸.eth 1Ξ

i❤‍🔥u.eth 1Ξ

i♥you.eth 0.75Ξ

🥱🐵🛥♣.eth 1Ξ

🥱🐒🛥♣.eth 1Ξ

i❤jpegs.eth 0.5Ξ
(jpegs.eth sold for 6.9Ξ)

⛓chainlink🔗.eth 0.49Ξ

nft🐇🕳.eth 0.49Ξ

✌ictory.eth 0.49Ξ

the💩.ethh 0.49Ξ

nft💪.eth 0.49Ξ

🏳‍🌈pride.eth 0.49Ξ

☪☪☪☪.eth 0.15Ξ

ΨΨΨ.eth 1Ξ
Ψ ('Psi') is the symbol of Pyschology. ENS doesn't allow distinction between upper and lowercase, so this is the only available domain with the triple Ψ.

If you are interested you can email me at contact@scarce.guide or DM me on Twitter.
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